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Quebec skilled worker category immigration

The Quebec Immigration system for Quebec Skilled Workers selects the applicants which are likely to become economically established upon immigration to Quebec. Under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration, Quebec establishes its own immigration requirements and selects only those people who will adapt well to living in Quebec. If an applicant wants to go to Quebec as a skilled worker, he must first follow a separate selection process before his application is finalised by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The selection criteria of Quebec Skilled Worker applicants intending to reside in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec are different than for applicants who wish to settle elsewhere in Canada.

An applicant can qualify under any occupation under the Quebec Skilled Worker category as, all occupations are open and a job offer from a Canadian employer is not required to be eligible. Quebec Selection Certificate, followed by a Canadian Permanent Resident (Immigration) Visa is issued to the applicants who are successful under the Quebec Immigration selection system.

To qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, Skilled Worker must score enough points under the Quebec Immigration selection system below. A single applicant must score at least 49 points based on the criteria below. An applicant with a spouse or common-law/conjugal partner must score at least 57 points.

The assessment of the application will also take into account other factors such as applicant’s age, the nature and duration of professional training and his language skills.

The following factors are assessed:

Education: Applicants may receive up to 17 points.
Employment: Applicants may receive up to 15 points.
Experience: Applicants may receive up to 10 points.
Adaptability: Applicants may receive up to 31 points under.
Age: Applicants may receive up to 10 points.
Language Skills: Applicants may receive up to 23 points.
Spouse's Characteristics: Applicants may receive up to 17 points.
Children: Applicants may receive up to 8 points.
Financial Autonomy: Applicants are awarded 1 point if they satisfy the minimum criteria. If applicant does not score points under the factor they are automatically refused.

Quebec Skilled Worker applicants must successfully complete medical and security examinations conducted by the Canadian government in order to be granted a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa.

Quebec Skilled Workers are not assessed based upon the selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada acknowledges the selection of applicants who meet Quebec immigration selection criteria.


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