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Quebec investor immigration program

The Province of Quebec sponsors Quebec Investor Program to facilitate immigration to Quebec for businesspeople.

Unlike the skilled worker program, which emphasizes on education qualifications and work experience, the Investor program determines your eligibility based on your net worth.  Unlike the Federal Program however, the Quebec Investor program does not determine eligibility based on past business performance.

The Quebec Investor program is very quick to complete, taking between 12 to 16 months to complete, depending on your country of origin, compared to the Federal program which can take 2 to 3 years.

Quebec has exclusive authority over selection of immigrants for the province and exercises its own selection criteria but the province shares jurisdiction with respect to immigration with the federal government.

While Quebec has the right to select immigrants, the federal government is responsible for their admission to Canada. Immigration Canada performs police, background and health checks of all applicants and issues visas.

To be selected as an Investor Immigrant under the Quebec program, applicant must have:

  • Intention to live in Quebec;
  • At least three years of managerial experience in a profitable commercial, industrial or agricultural business or, alternatively, at least three years of managerial experience in a government, governmental organization, or international organization;
  • A net worth of at least 1,600,000 Canadian Dollars accumulated through legitimate economic activities; and
  • Invest 800,000 Canadian Dollars for five years in a Quebec-approved investment fund.

The assessment of the application will also take into account other factors such as the age, the nature and duration of the professional training and the language skills.

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