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The people who visit Canada  and reside there on temporary bases neither to study nor work. The reason of the visit can vary from the anyone who is coming to Canada as a tourist or someone coming for a business trip. Anyone, who is not a worker or a student fall into this category. Technically anyone coming to Canada as a visitor must obtain a temporary resident visa at a Canadian visa post however, Canadian immigration officials have the right to deny entry if they feel that it would be in violation of Canadian immigration, for instance if the person has some criminal records or if they feel that the person would not leave at the end of the visitation period which is often granted for six months.


All those wishing to study in Canada should generally obtain a visa for studying before arriving in Canada.  There are some requirements that a student needs to fulfill. First, a student must have an acceptance to a Canadian educational institution.

A student also has to prove their ability to support themselves while they are in Canada also an intention to return when their studies are concluded. The student visa is temporary so the applicants must convince the officer that their intention is not to remain in Canada permanently. If gained the permission from the officer it is possible to extend student visas after arriving in Canada, as the educational program proceeds from year to year or if there is change in institution. However, visa will eventually end.

In some cases students will also be entitled to a no-renewable one-year work permit at the conclusion of their program to work in their field study.


This is perhaps the most asked about, and misunderstood, aspect of Canadian immigration. People often say, if they can't get permanent residence, they will just come to work temporarily. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. A temporary work permit is not a substitute for permanent residence, or a lesser form of permanent residence. It is sometimes more difficult to get a temporary work permit than permanent residence.

A foreigner can work in Canada only when this is justified, and may include issues as to whether there is no Canadian to fill a position. Therefore the process begins with the employer. This policy is known as 'net benefit to Canada'.
There are number of factors that’s are considered which are:

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