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Federal self-employed program

Foreign nationals with self-employed experience as farmers, athletes (at an international level), and artisans may qualify under this category. They should be able to support themselves n their family and should also be able to contribute to Canadian Economy and be able to provide employment to local citizens.

To qualify as a self-employed person, the basic requirements are:

  • Intention and ability to create their own employment in Canada;
  • Intention and ability to make a significant contribution to the cultural or artistic life of Canada, or to athletics at the world-class level, or by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada;
  • Score a minimum of 35 points on factors such as relevant experience, education, age, language, and adaptability on the Federal Self-Employed Persons Class Point System; and
  • Undergo and pass medical examination and criminal checks to determine their admissibility to Canada.
  • Experience in managing a qualifying business and controlling a minimum percentage of equity of a qualifying business for at least two years in the five years prior to submission of application.
  • A legally obtained net worth of at least 300,000 Canadian Dollars;
  • Intention and ability to meet the conditions that accompany entrepreneur immigrant visa.

Education, Age, Language, and Adaptability factors are awarded points similar to the Federal Skilled Workers Class.

If applicant meets the immigration definition their data is assessed against the immigration selection grid. Applicant can be called for interview with immigration officer. Approved applicants are issued immigrant visa that is accompanied by the conditions.

The applicant immigrant must

  • Control a percentage of the equity of a qualifying Canadian business equal to or greater than 33 1/3 per cent;
  • Provide active and ongoing management of the qualifying Canadian business; and
  • Create at least one incremental full-time job equivalent for Canadian citizens or An applicant must meet the conditions for a period of at least one year within the period of three years after the day on which he becomes a permanent resident. Immigration Canada monitors the compliance with the conditions.


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